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Dancing Spirits
by Crying Wolf
Grandfather, many have tried to destroy what you have created.
The Dancing Spirits have reached deep within my heart.
They shall protect the Sacred Circle you have created in my heart.
Your gift of such a Sacred Dance is as a precious breath of Mother Earth.
The rage of her nostrils shall not harm the ground the Dancing Spirits have danced on.

My Grandson, know that the beauty of this Sacred Circle, you are just a part of.
Your brothers build along side of you, take his hand and increase your strength.
Seek his wisdom for a river runs swift when streams become as one.
You shall honor his deeds for his hand reaches for yours
as the Mighty Redwoods reach for the Sacred Skies.

Old One, I shall be as the Standing Bear, his strength has carried him through harshness.
Your teaching of the Great Warriors that have turned into dead trees is wise.
In how many seasons will they turn into stone?
Those before me shall keep the Dancing Spirits buried in my heart.

Young Warriors, what you have built let it stand Mighty as the Paha Sapa.
We can not change the past but Father Sun shall guide our tomorrows.
It is I that has granted you the Dancing Spirits.
You have learned well my sons that Warriors turn into trees and then stone.
Listen to the words the Great Winds Have carried to your ears.
You cannot live on the empty promises of those that cause hunger to your women and children.
My son, let no man break the Sacred Circle of the Dancing Spirits.

Thank you Grandfather.