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Journey of Eagle
He glides up above observing and there was a time when he
has seen the true beauty and goodness in this garden.
He has seen water sparkling from its purity flowing down noble mountains
and he felt the refreshing power of clean air as he worked with the winds to fly.
He heard the rumbling roar of great herds of buffalo
moving across the plains and he has seen
Mother Earth green with healthiness as she raised healthy
children with healthy minds and bodies.
In carrying out his duty he has seen the countless offerings
of the Indigenous people striving to exist in the true
perfection of a two legged in harmony with Mother Earth.
He has seen the happiness of the children as they played
with pureness in their hearts and he knew that the Creator
smiled upon us with his blessings.
He has seen the arrival of the newcomers who disrupted our
sacred way of life with the desire of stealing our homelands.
He has seen the courage of our warriors defending Mother Earth
not afraid to die for they knew their spirits will return to our Creator.
He has seen the suffering of those Indigenous people being
hunted down like a wounded deer and he has seen the real
freedom of life disappear from this land.
Even his own image of freedom was placed on papers and
he sees his sacred feathers being sold for those papers.
Today as he flies above the clouds in space once only
reserved for them, he hears the charge of the iron birds
crashing through the clouds.
He avoids the clouds of filthy air which lingers over bee hives
of busy people hurrying to satisfy their own taste of honey.
He is sad to see his own die from the lightening power
of endless wires and words cannot explain the hurt he feels
when he sees his kind in captivity, displayed for curiosity.
He sees the Indigenous people still trying to be sacred
in ceremonies but suffering more from the heat of Father Sun
because the poison has weakened the sacred blanket in the sky.
He sees the Creators medicine, the food and plants placed on
Mother Earth with the purpose to nourish and heal, being poisoned.
He sees the poisoned water enter the bodies of man and
animals causing sickness.
He sees all natural life trying to do their duty on a tired
overworked Mother Earth and his tears fall as he sees the
woman feel the pain of Mother Earth.
He hears the humble cries of our holy people asking for a
sign from the Creator.
He circles over the people letting us know the Creator has
heard our prayers.
His heart gladdens when he dances with us for he knows we
still honor him.
He sends us a warning for he has spoken with the Creator.
The Creator is offended because the sacredness of his life is
He is a witness to all the deeds of man and he never forgets.
He is Eagle.