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I used to see in olden days the many wonders all around, birds in flight
and four-legged running and snakes sunning. I saw wonders at every turn,
every blink of the eye brought awe and joy. We lived in times that made life
anew with every breath that we drew.

Now times have changed, no longer do people walk the world with wonder and
sparkle in their eyes. The minds and eyes are clouded with doubts and fears
of what they can gain and what they can get.

In olden times we only took what was needed and shared to rest with others,
gave back what we could in prayers and toil so that all might gain from what
was there. Never taking just to have, never wanting more than needed and always
remembering what had been given.

In olden times the animals themselves seemed to share a bond that made life
easier for all concerned. Now they run just from the briefest hint that man
has entered its domain. Oh what the things we have lost for what we now call gain.

What good is a house when few come by, what good is all in it when it
brings no joy. Have goods become more important than being good. Has money
become the true friend, more than one who will stand by you?

Think back and remember within your heart, what joy was felt as you walked with
a friend. As you shared a dream, an idea or a sight. When you both saw a
deer run near you in the field across the way. When an eagle flew over and
called to you.

Is that worth less than the car you drive? Is love and joy lost worth less
than the big screen tv or the stereo system sitting there.

Think deeply and hard and remember what your missing
for soon it will be gone and you will be alone.

My love and blessings upon you all though you know me not, you've heard my call.

White Elk
Oct 10,2001