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One More Time ?

As we walk this earthwalk.. and learn the things we need to learn.
How many times do we make mistakes along the way ?
How many times have we needed to repeat the lessons ?
Repeat the learnings that we need to know ?

Those are questions we need to ask ourselves as we walk
and encounter others along the way,
no one is perfect on this road,
though we should all strive to be as in balance as we can,
as we encounter new things, we do swing out of that balance.
How many chances do we get before we learn ?
How should the Creator deal with us ?
Do we always act correctly ?
Doubtful we act sometimes without thinking,
letting the wrong emotions guide us rather than those of balance and love.

So what is the answer ?
How many times are we allowed to make mistakes,
how many chances does the Creator allow us ?
I think we all know that answer, it is there deep within our hearts.
If we truly try and accept ...mistakes are always allowed
...because we can always learn from them as well.
If we never made mistakes we would not need to be here, would we ?
We would have long ago accomplished all the things we needed to and be in a very much different world.
This learning make take several times or it may take several life times to learn,
if the Creator can allow us that much can we not do the same
with any who cross our path,
can we not try to aid if there is anyway possible ?
Many times we do just that with total strangers....
we allow them time after time of mistakes and errors
...hoping that in time they may see some bit of light and grow.

Yet those that are closest to us, those in our own families .....
sons, daughters, husbands/wives, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers,
we seem to lack that same proportional amount of love,
caring, sharing, and forgivness. We tend to expect more from
them for some reason, because they are our flesh and blood.
Like that was a key to finding the path.
Being and walking in balance, saying to ourselves
"they should know better" or
"I can't any more they went to far"

I see myself doing the same.......
I find I am no better than any and in many ways worse
because though I see it in myself ....
correcting it is something close to a miracle at times.
I find the temper flares more, the emotions run higher, and the balance
weakens when it comes to family. (sigh)
So what is the answer ?
The only thing that helps is first recognizing that we are doing this
and the second is time to think and feel from within.

I truly understand now why Native Americans used to have thier children raised by the relatives and the rest of the entire tribe.
We expect to much of those close to us.
We expect them to be like ourselves ...
to have the same feelings, emotions, truths, thoughts, knowledge etc...
Yet they cannot for they are thier own spirits as we are our own.

So how many times ? one more ? two ? three ?
I think the best way to answer that is to think how many would we want ?
how many have we gotten ? and say AS MANY AS IT TAKES.