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Welcome to MIN PIN ACRES!

Since getting the property in November of 2000, we have made it a lifelong
project to create from a hayfield, a place of harmony and peace.
A haven not only for ourselves, but all relations.
We hope you enjoy your walk through Min Pin Acres.

We have planted trees, redone the gardens, the wheel and the critter den.
Any comments or ideas are welcome, just send to ThreeFeathers.

These are pics from the first big snowfall
in our new house(7 inches fell the night before).

The scenery is one reason we bought the property.

As seen from above Nov 2001.

put addition onto barn and hitching posts

Elk got a playset for the grandkids.

Now that the horses are gone,
we can safely plant trees around
the medicine wheel again. Ash, Birch and Maple.

We have put on a new roof and redid the front of the house again.

We had an addition put on the back of the house.

In front of the pond we planted swamp oaks.
You can really see the trees around the wheel here.

Also in the back of the old troughing area.

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